When a woman is diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, treatment options may include the use of natural thyroid treatment remedies.  These treatments vary in effectiveness and there’s no “one size fits all” for natural supplements, and some natural remedies may have side effects. With “conventional medicine”, the use of some hormone replacement therapies such as Premarin (extracted from pregnant mare urine) and synthetic replacement drugs such as Synthroid, is controversial because of debate on their relative safety and efficacy, versus dangers associated with their use.

It therefore behooves you to do your research, talk over your options with your doctor, and make an informed decision.


For the majority of women, an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is the diagnosis.  Noted symptoms of this disorder include weight gain, drier skin and hair, sore throat, tiredness, an increased sensitivity to cold and puffy facial features.  Internally, hyperthyroidism can result in high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, migraines, and connective tissue if left untreated.  Your doctor can help you with a larger list of symptoms to check off that will help them determine if there may be an underlying cause for your thyroid problem.

There are natural thyroid treatments for women that have shown clinical and empirical evidence of being effective treatments to suppress overactive thyroids.  These include use of mineral supplements including calcium and magnesium.  Important to note is that magnesium and calcium should always be taken together, so that your body will not deplete itself of magnesium while trying to process the calcium (a natural function of the human body).  Check labels for dosages, and check with your doctor before adding these minerals.  Another popular supplement for natural thyroid treatment includes flax seed oil, which is an essential fatty acid, which can contribute anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in an overall naturalistic regimen for improved thyroid function.


In the search for a natural thyroid treatment, foods have shown to be an effective vehicle for supplying women’s bodies with the minerals they need to help suppress the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  These include most leafy green vegetables, as well as cauliflower, turnips, soybeans, and mustard greens.  Other food related advice includes avoiding processed sugars, processed flours, caffeine and alcohol (although that’s good dietary advice anyway).


Conversely, hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormones.  Again, there are conventional means for dealing with the problem, to varying degrees of success, but they carry a certain amount of risk and should carefully be explained by your doctor.


Natural thyroid treatment is available for this condition as well, and should be as thoroughly explored by you as the synthetic options perhaps offered by your doctor.  These include potassium iodide, the mineral selenium, an amino acid called tyrosine, and surprisingly, coconut oil.


Potassium iodide is present naturally in foods like kelp, eggs, potatoes, radishes, parsley and bananas, or you can find it as a supplement.  Selenium is available as a supplement, as is Tyrosine.  Coconut oil can be added to your diet as a dressing or cooking oil, and acts to improve metabolism and adds an extra boost to your overall thyroid treatment regimen. As with any health issue, first check with your doctor, to ensure your diagnosis and to detect any potential underlying conditions.  Then, work out a course of treatment that may indeed incorporate the choice of a natural treatment.

For more information on natural alternative solutions, please visit the natural thyroid treatment page on this site.

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